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Desire: Learning the Language of Your Heart

  • W Residences 8 Albany St New York, NY 10006 (map)
Desire Learning the Language of Your Heart.png

What do you really desire? Chances are the word "desire" alone brings up a certain amount of shame or guilt just in the admittance of them. In this workshop we will understand our true desires and the purposes they serve, freeing us to fulfill our wildest dreams while doing our party for humanity. 

Our true desires come from our heart, and are therefore not greedy, gluttonous, or shameful. They are to be honored and revered and ultimately put us in a state of being that is happily contagious, allowing those who seek us to find us. 

Learn how to differentiate between want, need, and desire; clearly understand their origins and act on them to live your most successful, joyful, and fantasy-filled life. 

This workshop will include a yoga-like movement practice that is suitable for all levels.

Things to bring:
-A small symbolic item from home that can fit in the palm of your hand,
-Yoga mat

-Pens (markers or colored pencils if you'd like)
-Water and snacks
-Wear comfortable clothes.