Review: Icarus (2018)


Holy crap-balls this movie was doper than dope— and is about doping so that seems appropriate. Badder than badass plot twist when amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel enlists Russian scientist Grigory Rodchenko to develop a personalized performance enhancing drug protocol for the Haute Route bike race in France so Bryan can document the process and try to beat his time from the previous year but ends up in the middle of a global scandal. When Russia’s state-sponsored doping program for all Olympic sports gets found out and Rodchenko’s colleague suspiciously drops dead of a heart attack, Grigory comes to LA and holy shit-cannot-even-be-believed-events ensue. Congrats to Bryan and his team on the well-deserved Oscar. Best part: Saw this movie with the one and only Chase Anderson

Jacqueline AndersonComment