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Actress, activist and entrepreneur, Jacqueline Buckingham Anderson describes herself as a socially conscious female Huge Hefner if he could have posed for his own magazine. A visionary with ideas that could power a small country, she is writer, filmmaker, teacher, speaker and lifestyle expert based in New York City. With a passion for fusing entertainment with activism and art with advocacy, she is dedicated to gender equality and mental health awareness. With a rebel mindset like Hef but with the body of a centerfold, Jacqueline creates media, products and experiences that artistically fuel a new female fantasy.


In 2018, Jacqueline wrote, produced, directed and starred in the Amazon Prime series, The Box with Jacqueline. A suggestively sophisticated comedy with a defiantly daring message, The Box is compiled of 11 short films including Ass Man, Huge Pussy, Big Balls and Notorious VAG, that are leaving audiences eagerly awaiting Season 2 and sweeping film festivals around the world. 


With a knack for playing sexy villains and stylish alpha-females, Jacqueline was first seen on the big screen pointing an electric-crossbow at Dave Chappelle as henchwoman Delilah in Half-Baked and later seen on the small screen barking orders in German as Erica, in Amazon’s first film, Portrait, opposite Minnie Driver. Jacqueline landed a role that made her a regular on Late Night with David Letterman and she played out a few of her own fantasies via her guest starring roles as a female demon in Alan Rudolph’s Intimate Affairs, a manipulative heiress on Law & Order and a conniving nurse on As The World Turns. She continues to revel in playing seductive sirens and queens of mean but now loves writing her own roles where the bad girl has a good cause. 


Jacqueline’s reputation as a forward-thinking business woman with bold ideas has been proven by her success as a lifestyle entrepreneur. Creating revolutionary systems to make fine art and high-style accessible to the masses, as Founder of JBA Art Solutions she created the first user-generated art collections and holds the rights to photography collections that have been leveraged for millions of square feet of permanent art displays. 


She also founded Style Meets Life to partner with Simon Malls, The Gap, Nordstrom and Macy’s to create a web series, monthly magazine column and a business based on her one-of-a-kind system that empowered women with "instant style at every age, size, shape and budget”.


Formerly Miss Houston Teen, Jacqueline was raised in Texas, attended Emory University and graduated from The University of Toronto with high honors. Once proud members of the Playboy Club, her personal heroes are her late grandparents, who instilled her with their own celebratory fearlessness. Her dreams of changing the world through the glorification of the female body and sexuality through the lens of a mature woman originated in their closet, where as a girl she had free rein to dress up in her grandmother’s sea of sequins while admiring the women found in her grandfather’s Playboy stash. With those early 80s centerfolds now displayed in her closet, her plans to reveal her own shameless freedom are finally coming into view. 


A mother of 2 and an altruistic global adventurer Jacqueline embarked upon a self-designed 4 year travel program that included skydiving in New Zealand, meditating with monks in Bhutan and producing a documentary for AMPATH’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program in Kenya with her now 23 year old son. In 2017, to impart travel as education, she fulfilled another fantasy by writing a year-long curriculum and global schooling her daughter while traversing Australasia and living in New Zealand.


For 20 years as a brazenly refined first lady to preeminent art museums in North America, Jacqueline gracefully shattered every mold in the art world while raising millions, masterminding notorious events, and disarming influential leaders. Pairing billionaires with drag queens in the Midwest and mixing European royalty with Olympic athletes in Venice, the fantasy-like parties she chaired were only rivaled by her own attire. Touted as a “one-woman fashion parade” in a profile by W Magazine and described as having “embodied the season’s audacious mood” by The New York Times she is said to believe that “rules were made to be broken” by Womens Wear Daily.


Pronounced “the brains of the family” by real estate heiress Beth Rudin DeWoody,

Jacqueline is a perceptive cultural leader and skilled negotiator with rich real estate karma, as one of very few who have parlayed multi-million dollar residences as part of museum contracts that resulted in increased property values.  At 22, she negotiated a upper east side gem off Park Avenue for the Whitney Museum’s official residence, and later she transformed the Westerley Estate “12,000 square foot" historic mansion to renewed grandeur for the Indianapolis Museum of Art to host artists, dignitaries and collectors as noted by the New York Times.  With her published interior design style and legendary events, Jacquline’s work, presence and Midas touch increased the notoriety and property values astronomically.

A few people who are not related to her, have said of Jacqueline:

  • “She’s going to contribute to our city’s evolution” Ann Stack, cultural leader, art collector

  • “Jackie has style and she has her own style. She makes her own mark” Arthur Fleischer Jr., businessman and philanthropist 

  • “If I had that body, I’d go around naked” —Yvonne Force Villereal, CEO, art collector

An advocate for energy medicine, quantum healing, and mind-body integration, Jacqueline has over 500 hours of yoga teacher training, and embarked upon a Master's degree via Harvard Extension School focussed on Neuroscience and Lifestyle Medicine in 2015.

Her passions include helicopters, metaphysics, sunsets, skydiving, movies, 12-cylinder cars, being in nature, dancing, and writing. In her spare time she likes to fantasize about her next career as a helicopter pilot in New Zealand while watching the sunset. She continues to be thrilled by the wisdom of indigenous cultures, consciousness, and shamanism. Her wild nights involve painting while listening to books on quantum theory.