The Box with Jacqueline
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Jacqueline Buckingham Anderson is a shaman and tantric lifestyle practitioner currently writing, teaching and consulting in New York City.

Having recently returned from leading a Global School Expedition in Australasia with her children, she is writing a about the experience and contributing to Thrive Global. 

An advocate for energy medicine, quantum healing, and mind-body integration, Jacqueline has over 500 hours of yoga teacher training, and embarked upon a Master's degree via Harvard Extension School focussed on Neuroscience and Lifestyle Medicine in 2015.

Her passions include helicopters, metaphysics, sunsets, skydiving, movies, 12-cylinder cars, being in nature, dancing, and writing. In her spare time this year she's psyched to be increasing her skillsets in arial silks, martial arts, mandarin, Acro-yoga, horseback riding, and continued studies in the wisdom of indigenous cultures, consciousness, and shamanism. Her wild nights involve painting while listening to books on quantum theory. Did we mention she's a beast?