Jacqueline Anderson is a lifestyle empowerment expert who serves altruistic audiences and internationally minded clients by creating exceptional experiences, products and programs that support world wellness and global citizenship.

She has spent her multi-faceted career as an actress, designer, media presence and entrepreneur. Her corporate entities including JBA Art Solutions, Design & Style Consulting, and Style Meets Life focus on the optimization of health, happiness and experiential wellbeing through innovative approaches to art, design, fashion, media and travel. Her clients include individuals, universities, museums, healthcare companies, and hospitality and tourism organizations.

Over the past 20 years, Jacqueline’s breadth of experience has ranged from conceiving and implementing system-wide art initiatives and permanent collections for children's hospitals, cancer centers and medical schools, to chairing the opening events for the 2011 Venice Biennale representing the United States of America. She co-founded a wellness institute, wrote and hosted a documentary for orphans and vulnerable children in Africa, and has raised millions in the name of art and health. Jacqueline is also a yoga teacher, film and television actress and continues to further her studies in lifestyle medicine and neuroscience at Harvard Extension School.

She is currently traveling throughout Oceania and Australasia global schooling her 10 year-old daughter guided by a self-designed curriculum that explores how we measure quality of life and land.

Jacqueline is a proud mother of two and passionate activist for global gender equality.