I’m Jacqueline Buckingham Anderson and I am reinventing my life.

This year, I am traveling the world with my daughter in a global education adventure. After over two decades of marriage and motherhood that began when I was 19, I am, for the first time, an independent woman.

With my talented son flourishing in his third year of college, intrepid daughter excited for our 5th grade global schooling adventure, and world’s best former husband wonderfully supportive of my newfound autonomy, I am suddenly faced with the authority to be self-governing.  

I've been an actress, entrepreneur, art advisor, fashion aficionado, interior designer, cultural leader, yoga teacher, and society wife to name a few of roles I have lived and loved.

This year, I’m starting a new chapter, blazing my own trail, and living my dream.  In search of a different kind of luxury, I let go of the trappings known to be marks of success: the beautiful house, dream car, and designer wardrobe, for something far more valuable, exotic, and rare - freedom.