Jacqueline Buckingham is an actress, writer, producer and director and founder of Matatoa Productions. She describes herself as Hugh Hefner if he could have posed for his own magazine.

A trailblazer who co-starred in Amazon’s first web-based film opposite Minnie Driver , Portrait (2004), directed by Jordan Scott, Jacqueline landed her first role next to Dave Chappelle as Delilah in Half-Baked, became a regular in comedy sketches on Late Night with David Letterman, and has had guest starring roles on Law & Order (NBC), Ed (CBS), Hack (CBS) and As the World Turns (ABC). She's had numerous supporting roles in independent films including Intimate Affairs directed by Alan Rudolph and starring Nick Nolte, and Corpus Collossum directed by Michael Snow, exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art in 2017.  

An activist for global health, Jacqueline wrote and produced a documentary film for AMPATH’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program in Kenya and hosted 10 Adventures of a Lifetime for Outside Television. She has been an on-air style expert for Fox and formed partnerships with Gap, J. Crew, Nordstrom and Macy’s to create a web series titled Style Meets Life to empower women in achieving "instant style at every age, size, shape and budget”.

During her time spent outside the entertainment industry, Jacqueline founded and ran businesses, trained in mind-body medicine, contributed as a civic leader in the arts, raised two children and wrote extensively. Connected by her passion for empowering people through a multitude of artistic platforms, she created the first user-generated art collections for over 2 million square feet of healthcare space in the Midwest, directed multi-million dollar design projects for major institutions and private estates across the country, co-founded a wellness center in Dallas, studied Lifestyle Medicine and Neuroscience at Harvard, taught yoga to a rugby team in New Zealand, led a global school curriculum throughout Australasia and recently entertained audiences doing stand up comedy in New York City at Broadway Live.

Her writing projects include Queendom, a sci-fi series about a post quantum world where women rule, Oh Jackie, a comedic narrative series based on her adult adventures in marriage, motherhood, and love, and Naked Truth: From Object to Goddess, a book about vanquishing gender-based shame to empower a new female identity as told through her real-life story in overcoming early childhood trauma, teen pregnancy and rape.  

Her professional passion is fusing entertainment with activism to support gender equality and end violence against women. Jacqueline is also an advocate for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. In her spare time, when not fantasizing about becoming a helicopter pilot or traveling to sparsely populated places to skydive, she likes to craft with her daughter and watch movies with her son.