The Box with Jacqueline
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Fantasy lifestyler, business woman, and Founder of Fantasy Enterprises Inc., Jacqueline Buckingham creates audaciously dignified media, products, and events that artistically fuel a new female fantasy.

In 2018, she wrote, produced, directed and starred in the Amazon Prime series, The Box with Jacqueline, a comedy set in the host’s own fantasy world comprised of 11 shorts including Huge Pussy, Big Balls and Notorious VAG. Official selections of the Canadian International Film Festival and being featured at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn on March 4th, The Box was greenlit for Season 2 and slated for release this fall.

With a knack for playing sexy villains and stylish alpha-females, Jacqueline was first seen on the big screen pointing an electric-crossbow at Dave Chappelle as henchwoman Delilah in Half Baked and later seen on the small screen barking orders in German as Erica, in Amazon’s first film, Portrait, opposite Minnie Driver. After landing a role that made her a regular on Late Night with David Letterman, Jacqueline played out a few of her own fantasies via her guest starring roles as a female demon beast in Alan Rudolph’s Intimate Affairs, a manipulative heiress on Law & Order, and a conniving nurse on As the World Turns. She continues to revel in playing defiant divas and queens of mean but now loves writing her own roles where the bad girl has a good cause.

Jacqueline’s professional passion is fusing entertainment with altruism to further economic advancement for women. In her spare time, when not fantasizing about her next career as a helicopter pilot, she likes to watch the sunset while training her team of male butlers. She is currently finishing her first book and is launching a product line this spring that brings the fantasy to life.




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